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Paula H


In 2013, Paula founded Mathitude, wanting to change math engagement for all.  Rather than focusing on calculations and siloed math experiences (focusing on only one skill set at a time), Paula has integrated engineering, financial, game theory and college-level math concepts into fun and engaging activities, puzzles and games for children AND adults.


Mathitude is busy creating collaborative community math events and new exciting puzzles and games.  Whether you’ve just entered elementary school or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll enjoy our products.

Paula received an undergraduate double major in Math and Economics; got her master’s in Applied Economics; and completed coursework and comprehensive exams in UCLA’s Ph.D. Economics program. Paula has worked at RAND as an economic researcher and also as a risk manager at both Wells Fargo and Bank of Hawaii.


Sara B 

Sara has been working for Mathitude a couple years and has made great contributions to our curriculum and group club activities. Sara attended Castilleja School for high school where she completed their highest-level math courses. In May of 2021, she graduated from Columbia University majoring in English Literature AND also taking coursework in engineering, computer science, biology and math. She’s a great model of lifelong learning and passion and has a fabulous list of accomplishments.

Sara was accepted at Columbia University as a potential engineering major. She’s worked for the Columbia Daily Spectator for two years, including as a deputy editor focusing on city news, and has held the Presidential Global Fellowship and the Rose Teaching Assistantship. She also enjoys knitting, the ocean, and walking her dog Gromit. 

In both high school and college, Sara has developed her passion for interdisciplinary learning and is always excited to approach math curricula in a multidimensional way. Sara loves getting students interested in math by designing creative and fun materials, and her favorite part of working at Mathitude is helping students explore games that strengthen their math skills. Students love working with Sara as she is always a beacon of calm maturity and is one of the most supportive individuals you’ll meet.

Benji C 

Benji has been working with Mathitude since he was in 6th grade. Benji attended La Entrada Middle School and Design Tech High School. By the start of his sophomore year, Benji was two years ahead of the typical CA math curriculum.


Design Tech High School was a great experience for Benji. He learned how to effectively apply design thinking to work on creative solutions for end user problems. Benji used that experience at to contribute to Mathitude's growth and curriculum development. He is always looking for the most fun ways to present math to younger students and is thrilled when students leave a club or tutoring session excited about math.


Benji is currently at Kenyon College and plans to major in biology. He is thrilled that he is attending his early-decision, top-choice undergraduate school where he received a prestigious President’s Merit Scholarship. Along with his passion for all things STEM, Benji is also excited to pursue sketch comedy writing and performing experiences while he is at Kenyon - a true Renaissance man in a time when all passionate, engaged young people are needed in this world.

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