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Mathitude Quest

Mathitude Quest is a NEW innovative approach to math engagement. Quest workbooks and clubs will increase your student’s MQ (Math Intelligence). Our books are packed with full-color puzzles like Tower Math, Swamp Puzzles and Tree House Connections.

Quest challenges and puzzles are designed to build and increase:

  • Integrative math skills

  • Deep number sense

  • Reasoning and logic power

  • Problem-solving flexibility

  • Mastery of Common Core standards

  • Math confidence


Our mission is lifetime math engagement…Our material is addictive for all ages of math enthusiasts!

Incoming 2nd Grade

Quest 3

Incoming 3rd Grade

Quest 4

Incoming 4th Grade

Quest 5

Incoming 5th Grade

Quest 6

Incoming 6th Grade

Quest 7

Incoming 7th Grade

Quest 8

Incoming 8th Grade