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Join us for Mathitude's Fall Clubs!

Why Mathitude?

Mathitude Clubs or Private Tutoring will help your family start the school year strong AND help your child become a powerful mathematician! Our clubs review and strengthen skills from school curricula, making sure your child excels in their school math class. And then, we go further: we provide fun, enriching and challenging opportunities using our proprietary curriculum to deepen mathematical thinking, logic and reasoning skills. Every session helps your child engage in their school curriculum and work towards lifelong math engagement All clubs take place in a high-touch, high-collaboration virtual environment, with expert instructors and our interactive virtual materials, specially designed for online math instruction. We build these exceptionally creative and engaging materials to maximize math mastery and depth of understanding: your child will see topics not usually introduced until college, and have FUN

Our goal? Lifetime math engagement for all! Join us...

NEW: Private Clubs

Mathitude now offers Private Clubs. If you want your child to experience Mathitude's expertly engaging materials in an even smaller-group setting, you can form a group with 4 to 6 students total. In private clubs, we will work with you to determine a custom curriculum to cover during your 10-week session, along with any homework or enrichment topics you'd like. Thinking of starting a private club? Fill out the Mathitude Consultation Request here

Virtual Private Tutoring

We provide private math tutoring for all ages. Are you searching for engaging math for your younger child? Want to help your older child prep for upcoming school year math? We have the expertise to help your child achieve their goals! Inquire about PRIVATE TUTORING options today.

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