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At Mathitude, it's all about the attitude. 

Meet Paula Hamilton! Paula’s vision of lifetime math engagement for all is at the heart of everything we do. 


When she founded Mathitude in 2013, Paula set out to pioneer math enrichment that didn’t compromise on mathematical thinking or on fun. Rather than drilling students on isolated skills or calculations, Mathitude's materials instead integrate skills to combine deep math mastery with exciting appeal and the spirit of collaboration. This combination reflects Paula’s guiding belief that not only can anyone do math, but anyone can have fun doing math!


Before Mathitude, Paula received an undergraduate double major in Math and Economics; got her master’s in Applied Economics; and completed coursework and comprehensive exams in UCLA’s Ph.D. Economics program. She has worked at RAND as an economic researcher and also as a risk manager at both Wells Fargo and Bank of Hawaii.


Now, she leads the Mathitude team in designing exciting new math materials, from enrichment books to online puzzles to an upcoming video series. In addition, Paula is known for her expertise in private math coaching, both individually and in groups, where she can help your student find their inner mathematician, strengthen their math wizardry, or explore their curiosity about the many wonderful roles math plays in our world. During her time away from Mathitude, you can find Paula flipping on a trampoline at Crissy Field, or hosting board game nights with her family. 

Join Paula and the Mathitude team in striving towards lifetime math engagement for all!

We offer:

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